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Don't Believe These Misconceptions About Dental Health!

toothbrush and toothpasteMyths and outdated information can put your oral health at risk.

As your dentist in Chatswood, NSW, Dr Poe Lim prioritises staying on top of the latest developments in dentistry and delivering vital information to you and your family.

This type of preventive approach to dentistry helps many people avoid common dental conditions before they start.

Myth #1 Rinse Immediately after Brushing

False. It is better to wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing your teeth to extend the benefits of fluoride toothpaste in avoiding dental decay. Not all toothpaste varieties on the market contain fluoride. If you have a history of dental decay, you might choose a toothpaste with fluoride for additional protection. When brushing your teeth before sleep, avoid rinsing altogether. Of course, a healthy diet can help protect your smile too!

Myth #2 Juice Is Healthy for Teeth

False. If you are trying to give up soda, fruit juice might be a logical choice that is healthier for teeth. Many juices and fruit-flavoured drinks appear to have health benefits but can contain added sugar. Combined with the acidity of fruit juices and citric acid, commonly used as a natural preservative for juice, most juices can cause damage to enamel.

Myth #3 Brush Immediately after Eating

False. Depending on what types of food and beverages you consume at your meal, you may feel the need to run off and brush your teeth straight after tidying the kitchen. In many cases, though, this can damage enamel because it can soften when acidic or sugary foods were part of the cuisine. Give your mouth a chance to restore the normal pH through saliva production – the first stage of the digestion process.

Are You Curious about Oral Health Tips?

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