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Clear Aligners at Chatswood Dental Associates

woman inserting invisible bracesTeeth straightening has never been more comfortable or discreet, thanks to Invisalign aligners and other clear aligner orthodontic treatments. The customised, transparent trays fit snuggly around your teeth, using mild pressure to guide them into an ideal alignment.

Unlike conventional braces, clear aligners don’t use any brackets or wires. The only feature that’s occasionally utilised is small, tooth-coloured buttons (when a tooth needs a bit extra help bringing it into alignment).

Types of Clear Aligners

Depending on your unique concerns and smile goals, we can select from a range of brands to give you the results you’re looking for. While Invisalign aligners are the most popular type of “invisible” braces, other aligner brands get excellent results regarding function, aesthetics and outcomes. Here are some of the more common alternatives that we offer and some benefits of each:

Angel Aligner

These clear orthodontic devices are designed to straighten teeth discreetly. They offer a virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces, allowing for a more aesthetic appearance. Angel aligners are custom-made using high-quality BPA-free plastic, providing a comfortable fit and great results. Additionally, they are removable, making eating and oral hygiene more manageable.


Utilising clear, custom-made, removable trays that gradually adjust tooth alignment, ClearCorrect offers a discreet solution to straightening teeth. The aligners provide an aesthetic alternative to traditional braces, allowing for easier cleaning and eating. ClearCorrect aligners are comfortable and effectual, making them popular for adults and teens seeking orthodontic treatment.


Truline clear aligners offer a discreet solution for straightening teeth. These practically transparent aligners are comfortable to wear and very affordable. With Truline, users enjoy the convenience of removable aligners, allowing them to eat what they want and easily maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Designed to Fit Your Situation

Everyone’s smile is different. Some of us have more minor tooth alignment needs, while others are quite complex. With clear aligners, you can address everything from small aesthetic needs to more comprehensive treatment plans.

You may never have had your teeth straightened and are starting to see the effects of crowding. Or perhaps you have TMJ disorder, gum disease and irregular tooth wear. Or maybe you had braces in the past but experienced a relapse as you got older. Whatever the case, clear aligners can help you put your best face forward.

Length of Treatment

The length of your clear aligner treatment will vary, depending on the complexity of your case. Some individuals only need to wear their aligner trays for 3-6 months, while others are 12-18 months. On average, the typical teeth straightening patient only needs about 6-8 months of clear aligner therapy. More complex cases can potentially require up to two years.

Wearing your aligners as directed will help ensure that your treatment is completed in an efficient manner. The two most important steps are changing the trays as prescribed and wearing them long enough each day.

Getting Started

Every clear aligner treatment begins with a comprehensive exam with our dentist. We’ll gather various records and possible X-rays to screen for issues that aren’t quite visible. From there, we’ll use an advanced 3D intraoral scanner to record a virtual “impression” of your teeth. This tool contains special mirrors that allow us to replicate a 3D image of your teeth without taking gooey or uncomfortable impressions.

As long as your teeth and gums are healthy enough for clear aligners, we’ll move forward with the next phase of planning out treatment.

Your digital models (3D scans) are uploaded into the simulation software. Here, they’ll be adapted and turned into a video that allows you to preview your tooth movement and final tooth alignment. If you want to adjust something, we can do so in the software before your aligners are made.

There’s even an option to re-scan and adjust teeth later on in your treatment. The versatility of clear aligners means you always have the option to adjust things as you go. They’re extremely flexible regarding the type of outcome you want your treatment to achieve.

Living With Clear Aligners

Since clear aligners are removable, there aren’t many special steps you’ll need to take throughout the day. Simply remove your trays when it’s time to eat or drink (anything other than water) and then again you brush and floss. Rinse your mouth after eating and before putting your aligners back on your teeth.

Clean your aligners daily, as they can also collect plaque buildup and stain.

Never use hot water or store your trays in warm temperatures, as it could cause your aligners to permanently warp.

After Your Treatment Is Complete

Your body has natural muscle memory. It likes to put things back where they were, even if they’ve been purposely moved. It’s the same for your teeth. After clear aligners straighten your bite, your teeth will want to drift back to the place they were before. To keep things in place, you’ll want to wear a retainer once treatment is complete.

We use two types of retainers; each one plays a different role. The first is a permanent wire retainer that we bond behind your front teeth. This sturdy retention device acts as insurance in preventing your teeth from moving back where they were. We’ll also create a clear retainer that’s removable and fits over your teeth.

Although more rigid than aligners, it looks fairly similar. Removable retainers need to be worn every night for about six months and then about two nights per week thereafter. The key is to make sure everything is stabilised to protect your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I need to wear my aligners?

Most clear aligner systems must be worn for at least 22 hours per day. This time frame gives you a couple of hours to remove them during meals or to clean your mouth. Otherwise, they need to stay on your teeth.

Are clear aligners painful?

Clear aligners are essentially painless. Things move slowly enough that all you’ll feel is a bit of pressure.

What if I don't have enough space to move my teeth?

Sometimes it’s necessary to slightly polish between the teeth to create a little extra space for them to move. If so, we’ll inform you before you start or commit to any treatment.

Do I qualify for clear aligners?

To ensure clear alignment trays are right for you, we’ll want to first evaluate your teeth and take a series of scans. After we’ve completed the comprehensive exam and screened you for active decay or gum disease, we can let you know whether you qualify and approximately how long the process will take to complete.

Request a Clear Aligner Consultation

Adults and teens alike make great clear aligners candidates. Contact our Chatswood dental office today to schedule a consultation.


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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