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Custom Laminated Mouthguards

Custom laminated mouthguards provide the best protection against broken teeth during contact sports. We use 3D scanning for a comfortable, secure fit you can depend on.

Holding mouthguardSports can be dangerous when it comes to your mouth and dental health. Some teams do not even allow you onto the field for practice without a mouthguard because of the high risk of injuries. But custom mouthguards are often bulky or fall out, failing to protect you when you need them most. A custom-fitted laminated mouthguard made from a 3D scan of your bite will provide the highest level of protection.

Extra Protection When You Need It

Whether you’re involved in rugby, football, hockey, or another sport, you need the confidence of knowing your mouth is protected. Laminated mouthguards have a hard metal layer with triple lamination, distributing the force of a hit across the appliance instead of it breaking your teeth.

For children whose mouths are readily growing, a new mouthguard is needed each year to accommodate for jaw growth and tooth eruption. Older teens and adults can typically wear their appliances year after year.

How Are They Made

We use a 3D scan of your jaw to digitally design each mouthguard. No uncomfortable or messy impressions are needed. The secure and contoured fit closely hugs your teeth, making it easier to breathe with, drink water while you’re wearing it and provide a better fit so it won’t fall out easily. The triple lamination ensures added comfort to your lips, with special shaping to accommodate your upper and lower teeth. This stiffer yet smooth design reduces the chances of injuries like jaw dislocation and concussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breathe in a mouthguard?

Yes. Custom mouthguards are more comfortable to wear during sport because they are easier to eat, drink and talk with.

Is a mouthguard uncomfortable to wear?

Your mouthguard is custom fitted to your unique teeth, so it should not be uncomfortable at all.

Will my mouthguard fall out while I’m playing?

The contoured fit makes it so that your mouthguard should not fall out easily, offering better protection than typical stock guards you find in the pharmacy.

Can I get custom colours for my mouthguard?

Yes. We can use up to two colours to match your team jersey.

How often should I replace my mouthguard?

Growing children usually need a new mouthguard each year, whereas adults can keep their appliance for several years.

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The athlete in your home deserves the peace of mind that their teeth will be as safe as possible. Contact us today to request an appointment.

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