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Imagine Dentures. Now Erase That Image

Older Couple | Dentures Chatswood NSW
Dentures of the past might have you thinking of the big, boxy-looking teeth your grandparents wore or left in a glass of water beside their bed. Dentures from previous generations were mostly utilitarian and not so concerned with patient comfort or aesthetics.Today’s dentures, however, provide patients with greater satisfaction. We offer complete and partial dentures in Chatswood, NSW with your smile in mind.Today’s Dentures Look NaturalDenture teeth provide customisable options, including the size, shape and colour to match your facial features and smile. As part of the planning process, we will discuss your preferences for your smile if you are seeking full dentures. For patients seeking partial dentures, we ...

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3 Ways That Dentures Have Moved into the 21st Century

Dentures Chatswood NSW
If you are facing tooth loss, we are here to help. Missing teeth pose some serious questions about the future of your appearance and oral health and can impact the food you can comfortably enjoy. If you require dentures and you are in the Chatswood, NSW area, you will be happy to know that the modern dentures and partial dentures we create have moved into the 21st Century.Dentures Fit BetterBecause of improved techniques and materials, when you opt for dentures today, you can count on a better fit than in past generations. Dentures require precise planning and design to fit snugly along the bony ridge beneath your gums.We gather ...

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Science Supports Dental Implants for a Better Quality of Life

happy couple | chatswood nsw dental implants
Missing teeth can cause problems with oral health that go far beyond mere appearances. Recent studies show that patients who opt for dental implants report an improved quality of life over other tooth replacement options. Here are a few reasons why you might consider choosing dental implants in our Chatswood dental clinic to fill the gaps in your smile.Dental Implants Closely Mimic Natural TeethNot only do dental implants look natural, but they also replace the entire tooth, from the root to the crown. They also provide stimulation to the underlying bone to keep the jawbone and facial features looking young and healthy by preventing bone loss that commonly occurs with ...

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Ready for a Fresh New Look? Here's How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

cosmetic dentist chatswood nsw
Many years of teeth clenching and grinding, also called bruxism, can destroy teeth and gum health. The jaws exert an enormous amount of pressure, especially unconsciously while you sleep.Bruxism is not the only way to damage teeth, sporting accidents, auto accidents and other forms of trauma may break teeth, which can cause inability to chew comfortably and lead to jaw dysfunction.We offer full mouth reconstruction in our Chatswood, NSW dental clinic to address oral health and appearance in a comprehensive way. Using quality restorations and our dentists’ knowledge of occlusion (the bite) and jaw function can have you looking and feeling great again.Cosmetic Dentistry – More Than AestheticsWhen teeth have ...

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3 Reasons Why People Love Teeth Whitening

Big Smile | Teeth Whitening Chatswood NSW
Cosmetic dentistry can seem daunting when you first start researching your options. Many patients opt to begin with teeth whitening because it is one of the easiest ways to improve your smile without requiring restorative dental procedures.Many patients who opt for restorative dentistry often begin by whitening their teeth, so that the final shade for their restorations will be lighter, giving them an overall brighter look.Teeth Whitening Is Safe for Most Healthy PatientsIf you are free of periodontal disease and decay, teeth whitening is likely safe for you. We will perform a full evaluation before beginning teeth whitening treatment in our Chatswood, NSW dental clinic to make sure your ...

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Cavities, Bacteria, and Fungi

Importance of Dental Cleanings | Chatswood Dental Associates
Missing one or two nights of brushing and flossing your teeth may not seem important until you take a closer look under a microscope. A recent study authored by Denis Bourgeois, PhD of the University of Lyon, France, took a closer look at young adults who were caries-free to determine the microorganisms present in a healthy mouth. The findings might surprise you and motivate you to brush and floss your teeth without fail.Even in healthy young people, two bacteria appeared in 100 per cent of subjects – streptococcus and lactobacillus. Enterococcus came in at a close second, appearing in 99 per cent of subjects’ mouths. A fungi species called candida ...

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Don't Believe These Misconceptions about Dental Health!

Chatswood Dentist
Myths and outdated information can put your oral health at risk. As your dentist in Chatswood, NSW, Dr Poe Lim prioritises staying on top of the latest developments in dentistry and delivering vital information to you and your family. This type of preventive approach to dentistry helps many people avoid common dental conditions before they start.Myth #1 Rinse Immediately after BrushingFalse. It is better to wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing your teeth to extend the benefits of fluoride toothpaste in avoiding dental decay. Not all toothpaste varieties on the market contain fluoride. If you have a history of dental decay, you might choose a toothpaste with fluoride for ...

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