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Baby Teeth - Cute For Pictures, Necessary For Development

Infant with baby teethAs dental practitioners, we often hear parents say, “But they are only baby teeth!”

At Chatswood Dental Associates, we want you to know that when we are protecting and restoring primary (baby) teeth, it is with the intention of protecting your child’s oral health now and in the future.

Primary teeth play an important role in children’s oral health and wellness. Here are a few reasons we emphasize keeping them healthy and comfortable:

  • Allow Children to Eat and Chew Properly: Nutrition is important at every life stage and is integral to supporting childhood development. Prematurely missing, painful, or decayed teeth can limit your child’s diet and put their health at risk.
  • Assist in Normal Speech Development: If you have ever learned another language, you know it can be a real challenge. Imagine trying to pronounce new words, but doing so with missing teeth. Not only can it feel frustrating, but it can also make it impossible to communicate effectively. Teeth play an important role in helping children develop linguistically.
  • Fill an Essential Role in Development: Primary teeth act as blueprints for adult teeth. They act as space-holders and guides to emerging adult teeth. Premature loss of primary teeth may lead to overcrowding, misalignment, and other common orthodontic conditions.
  • Give Kids Confidence in Emerging Social Situations: It’s tough being a kid! Just as it is important for adults to make a good first impression, kids also feel the social pressure of fitting in with their peers. Decayed, dark, or multiple missing teeth may make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. Giving kids the best chance of having healthy social interactions is important.

If you would like a Chatswood dentist who focuses on prevention and protecting your child’s oral health, we always welcome new patients and look forward to creating a health partnership with parents to develop a good foundation in oral health. So please, feel free to call us and schedule an appointment or a consultation.

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