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3 Reasons Why People Love Teeth Whitening

Before and after teeth whiteningCosmetic dentistry can seem daunting when you first start researching your options. Many patients opt to begin with teeth whitening because it is one of the easiest ways to improve your smile without requiring restorative dental procedures.

Many patients who opt for restorative dentistry often begin by whitening their teeth, so that the final shade for their restorations will be lighter, giving them an overall brighter look.

Teeth Whitening Is Safe for Most Healthy Patients

If you are free of periodontal disease and decay, teeth whitening is likely safe for you. We will perform a full evaluation before beginning teeth whitening treatment in our Chatswood dental clinic to make sure your experience is both comfortable and effective.

Teeth Whitening Erases Years of Stains

Years of tobacco use, coffee and tea consumption, and eating colourful foods all collect staining residue on your teeth. If you enjoy berries, curry, or leafy green vegetables, you will also see some staining effects even when maintaining a healthy diet.

We offer teeth whitening in our Chatswood dental clinic based on your needs and goals for your smile. Our dentists will discuss the whitening gel options and treatments that will provide dazzling results.

Teeth Whitening Is Affordable

If you are on a limited budget but want a quick smile improvement, teeth whitening makes the best sense. It is one of the most affordable ways to improve your smile without requiring extensive time in the chair or a big budget.

We look forward to welcoming you to Chatswood Dental Associates where you will gain confidence and greater health with the high-quality dental care we provide. We welcome you to contact us to arrange a booking to discuss what you love and what you might like to improve your smile.

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