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3 Ways That Dentures Have Moved Into The 21st Century

Older couple smiling and huggingIf you are facing tooth loss, we are here to help. Missing teeth pose some serious questions about the future of your appearance and oral health and can impact the food you can comfortably enjoy. If you require dentures and you are in the Chatswood NSW area, you will be happy to know that the modern dentures and partial dentures we create have moved into the 21st Century.

Dentures Fit Better

Because of improved techniques and materials, when you opt for dentures today, you can count on a better fit than in past generations. Dentures require precise planning and design to fit snugly along the bony ridge beneath your gums.

We gather all of the necessary information including models of teeth, x-rays and information about your current oral health to ensure proper fit.

Denture Teeth Look Natural

Until the last couple of decades, denture teeth were pretty generic. Today, many aesthetic options exist to match your facial structure, gender and personal preferences, so that you have results that look like natural teeth.

Denture wearers do not need to worry about too-white or too-large teeth that look like dentures.

Dentures Can Stay Put with Implants

For some people, denture fit poses a real challenge. For our socially or professionally busy patients, dental implants can improve your confidence and help you avoid embarrassing slipping or falling that is common with conventional dentures.

By placing four to six dental implants per arch, we create a base to lock dentures in place. They will remain stable until you release them. Implant-retained dentures also open the door to foods that would be off-limits with traditional dentures.

Getting Started

We welcome you to get in touch to arrange a denture consultation in our Chatswood area dental surgery to learn about the options available to you with modern, aesthetic dentures.

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