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I’m having crowns placed. Will I need to change my diet?

Crowns are designed to have the same durability and function as your own natural teeth. This means that you don’t have to change your diet, but you do need to use common sense.Dental Crowns Chatswood NSW

Be careful when biting into foods that might have a hard pit (like olives) or contain bones (like chicken). Use caution when eating sticky, chewy foods like caramels or taffy. In fact, it’s often best to avoid these altogether even when you don’t have crowns because sticky foods have a tendency to cling to your teeth and promote cavities.

Whether you have crowns or not, don’t bite into anything that isn’t food or use your teeth as tools. They simply aren’t meant for that and you increase your risk of fractures or breaks. Keep your ice in your glass where it belongs and don’t chew on it. If you have a nervous habit that involves chewing on pencils or your fingernails, please talk to us. We have some tips that can help you break this habit and find another way to deal with stress!

With good care, crowns will last for many years. 

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