Tooth Coloured Resin Fillings and Bonding in Chatswood, NSW

a couple smiles in a field | tooth coloured fillings in chatswoodIn the past, metal amalgam fillings were our only option to repair a tooth after removing decay. Today, however, we have the option of using a composite resin that can be carefully shaded to match the natural colour of your enamel. What this means for you is that nobody will ever need to know that you’ve had a cavity.

Resin or Amalgam?

Amalgam fillings effectively restore teeth for decades, but they have a couple serious flaws:

  • They are highly visible and can discolor an entire tooth.
  • They require healthy tooth structure be removed to create an “anchor” to hold the filling in place.

Resin restorations effectively solve both of these issues without the need to sacrifice strength or durability.

Because the resin is tooth-coloured, once placed, even you will have a hard time finding it! For this reason, many patients ask us to replace amalgam filling with resin fillings to improve the appearance of their smile. We can examine your teeth and determine whether this is an appropriate plan for you.

Additionally, unlike amalgam, the composite resin actually bonds to your tooth structure. This means that we can focus on only removing damaged areas of the tooth and preserve more of your own healthy tooth when we place a filling. We believe in providing the most conservative treatment whenever possible, and tooth-coloured fillings can be a key part of that commitment.

Cosmetic Bonding

In addition to repairing teeth damaged by decay, composite resin can also be used to make aesthetic improvements to teeth. Some of the cosmetic repairs we can make using this process, known as bonding, include:

  • Filling in chips and minor cracks
  • Covering up areas of whitening-resistant staining and discolouration
  • Lengthening teeth that are excessively worn down
  • Widening teeth to fill in gaps
  • Improving the shape of teeth to create a uniform smile

Unlike veneers, which require a lab to craft restorations, bonding can be done right here in our Chatswood dental clinic – often in a single appointment! The material is applied to prepared teeth and then moulded into the appropriate shape. Finally, it is cured with a light and polished.

If you are concerned about small aesthetic flaws that damage the appearance of your smile, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lim or Dr. Sridhar to see if bonding is right for you!

a tooth brush with toothpaste on it and a toothpaste tube in the background | dental bonding in chatswood nswPreventing Cavities

While it’s great that we have options for treating cavities that don’t mar your smile, ideally, we’d prefer to help you avoid cavities altogether!

Brushing your teeth after eating (or at least twice a day) with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily before bed will help remove bacteria-filled plaque from your teeth. Although sugar is often blamed as the culprit in cavities, it’s actually the bacteria that do the damage. As they consume traces of foods in your mouth (particularly starches), they produce acids, which eat away at the enamel of your teeth to produce the pits that we know as cavities, or dental caries.

Regular cleanings remove the traces of plaque that brushing misses and removes calcified plaque (tartar), which can’t be removed with home products. Regular check-ups help us spot cavities when they are small and easily treated – and before they cause you pain.

If you’re due for a check-up, please call Chatswood Dental Associates so we can find a time that works for you.