Sedation Dentistry in Chatswood NSW

a woman covers her mouth in fear | Sedation Dentistry in Chatswood NSWHave you put off seeing the dentist because of anxiety or fear?

Please don’t be embarrassed. This is an incredibly common problem. The good news is that options are available to help you have a relaxed and comfortable dental experience.

Just acknowledging that you’re frightened is an important first step!

Now that you know the problem, it’s important to let us know. Just give us a call and talk to us! We are friendly, kind, and compassionate, and we have helped many people who were in your position. We will listen to your concerns and ask questions to gain a better understanding of your level of anxiety so that we can recommend the most appropriate interventions.

Your Relaxed Dental Appointment

Maybe you never even thought this was possible!

We want you to know that it absolutely is, and we accomplish it every day using a few different techniques:

  • We will get to know you and understand your needs and what makes you the most comfortable. Are you a big picture sort of person or do you want to know the details? Information like this will let us know exactly what to share and when.
  • We take our time, and we’ll let you know what to expect so you don’t have to fear surprises. If need be, we can plan your treatment in stages if that makes you more comfortable.
  • We offer a variety of anti-anxiety sedation options, including nitrous oxide (“happy gas”), oral medication, and NuCalm.
  • If these steps are not enough, we can discuss sleep dentistry as an option.

a woman smiles in the dental chair | Chatswood Sedation DentistSedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous Oxide – This safe and effective gas will help calm you down and dull sensation while we perform your treatment. The effect begins almost as soon as we place the mask and it dissipates quickly after the mask is removed. Side effects are extremely rare, but may include nausea. You will be fine to drive or return to work or school.

Oral Sedatives – Oral medications are taken shortly before your appointment and can make you lightheaded or sleepy. It takes longer for the effect to wear off, so you will need to bring someone to drive you to and from the appointment.

NuCalm – This technique includes a calming amino acid supplement as well as headphones and light-blocking glasses to eliminate the anxiety-producing sights and sounds of the dental clinic. Soothing music is combined with neuroacoustic software that helps facilitate deep relaxation.

Sleep Dentistry – If you need to sleep during your procedure, we’ll arrange for a specialist to come to the clinic and administer a sedative medication through an IV. You’ll simply fall asleep and when you wake up, you won’t remember the procedure at all! Like oral sedatives, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment, and you should not operative heavy machinery or drive for the next 24 hours.

Call to Discuss Your Options

We are here to listen to your needs and help you have a low-stress dental experience. Please call our practice to learn more about your sedation options and get the dental care you need to stay healthy.